Bridging the Gap!

Todays professional environments come along with huge challenges but there is no resource better suitable to master the challenges than humans. This makes human resources the most valuable resource in professional environments.

One of today’s most critical segments in the human resource market is healthcare! In a serious number of industrial countries, the health care systems are facing a serious lack of medical staff. Contrary to this situation, in Ghana, Nigeria, and some other countries, we face the massive problem of unemployment among nurses!

Afro HR aims to bridge the Healthcare Employment gap!

Afro HR aims to bridge the Healthcare Employment gap!

  • We educate nurses about how to meet demands of international hospitals.
  • We link nurses to eventually required training courses.
  • We organize hiring events with international hospitals asap after legal approval.
  • We provide information about job vacancies.
  • We instruct nurses on the necessary steps to get their certificates recognized in different countries.
  • We assist nurses who signed international employment contracts with the application of visas in Ghana.

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