Your Path to International Nursing Positions with afroHR

Working abroad is a challenge and a chance at the same time.

The Chance

The international market is searching for degree and diploma nurses!

The Challenge

Life could be so easy! But not in health care!

In 2010, the World Health Organization (WHO) has agreed on the “WHO Code of Practice on the International Recruitment of Health Personnel”. This code of practice has been integrated into national laws of the industrial nations and we must respect these regulations.

The motivation for this code of practice was to protect the health systems of developing countries to ensure that the lack of nurses in industrial countries does not lead to wild recruiting and systematic weakening of the health systems, in particular in Africa and South-East Asia.

The situation, that we are seeing today in Ghana, with so many unemployed, certified nurses has not been envisioned by the WHO. We are working strictly legal to find solutions to assist the unemployed nurses in finding their position without transgressing the national laws in the industrial nations.

To assist you preparing for an international position, we provide important information to assist you in your preparation and – once legal hurdles are cleared – to connect you with international hospitals in search of nurses.

  • How to identify where to go best?
  • How to get your license and certificate recognized?
  • Which additional qualification do you need?
  • How to compete with European, American or Asian nurses?

There are many more questions that you should investigate before making your decision to go abroad – and where to go to! Afro HR assists you with information about the necessary procedures, necessary additional qualification – for example language – and what to expect!

We provide background information about nurses’ salaries in different countries – and about the related cost of living! We want you to be well prepared for the exciting path into an international position.

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We assist you through easy to fill forms that allow you to create a highly professional CV that you may download as a PDF for both – local and international use. This CV allows you to compete with international nurses for good positions!

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