To get the most out of your subscription on, follow these 5 simple steps:
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  2. Subscribe with afroHR
  3. Complete easy forms step by step
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  5. Learn about steps to take towards international positions
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Registration and subscription is a quick process. It is similar to placing an order for a product online. The process takes about 5 to 10 minutes, depending on your device. It might be quicker on a computer or notebook because you may type quicker than on a phone or tablet.

You may start entering your information. The data is saved on our server and you may continue entering data or updating information any time.

There is a one-time subscription fee of GHS 150 if settled in Ghana.

If you are outside Ghana or have an international relative sponsoring you, the fee is EUR 27.

Inside Ghana you may settle via iPay Ghana, Direct Bank Transfer or Check or Cash Payment in our office in Takoradi, Ghana.

If you are based outside Ghana, we provide you with all payment options offered in your region by PayPal. To provide even more payment options we will shortly implement PayPal Plus for you.

After the registration fee is paid, our services are fully accessible to you:

  • You may start entering your details for your CV
  • You may download your CV at any time and receive a highly professional PDF document for your use inside Ghana and internationally.
  • You have access to our constantly growing knowledge base on required qualifications for international positions.
  • You have access to background information about salaries and cost of living for different countries – and our knowledge base is constantly growing!
  • We will inform you about hiring events we organize, and jobs posted with us by international hospitals as soon as all legal restrictions around this are resolved.

We are working with a team of specialists to resolve all open questions related to the legal situation. Our wish is to organize the first event in 2020, but we must adhere to law, and sometimes procedures may take longer than we wish.

We are also paying attention to the current Coronavirus Sars-Cov-2 and the related Covid-19 risk.

Registered Nurses will receive the information about it as soon as we have the date.